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What are Taste the Triangle Events?

Posted by on Jun 23, 2014

I have taken the time to interview myself about our Taste the Triangle events. I think I was able to dig deeply enough and ask the hard-hitting questions. Cheers!


Taste the Triangle Events:

Q: What are Taste the Triangle events?

A: We’re glad you asked! Taste the Triangle is what started 919 Beer! A few of us were in desperate need of an evening out, away from our jobs, kids, and wives (not me, of course; but some of those other ungrateful men were. Seriously, I could stay at home with my wife and cook dinner and do dishes with a smile on my face every night if it were up to me. But, I felt bad for some of my friends who didn’t share the same sentiments as I) so we decided to set up an evening out, once each month, where we could get away, turn our phones off, drink a few beers, enjoy each other, all while learning about our local breweries. These nights eventually opened up to more and more people and have come to be known as Taste the Triangle events.

Q: Wow! That’s a whole bunch of rambling and you still haven’t answered my question!

A: I was getting to that! Basically, our Taste the Triangle events are a once-per-month evening out at a different brewery or bottle shop, where we talk to the brewers/owners and learn all there is to know about their operation, beers, history, future, etc. We meet the second Wednesday of each month at 6 pm. The “tour” begins around 6:30 (usually 6:45, because people can’t seem to show up on time. Or, if they’re there, they talk too much and then realize they’re out of beer, which means they then need to order another, thus wasting even more time.). We ask all kinds of questions to the brewers/owners throughout the evening. Once that’s over, everyone ends up back in the taproom for another beer of three, before filling growlers and heading home.

Q: Who can come Taste the Triangle?

A: Yes!

Q: I don’t get it…

A: Anyone (of legal drinking age, and ability) can come! No matter if you’re a craft beer nut, or you’re not exactly sure what all this crazy stuff called “craft beer” is, we want you to join us! We don’t exclude anyone for any reason (unless they’re underage, or if they have a bad attitude)! We want everyone to experience what we love about our local beer.

Q: Aside from learning about local beer, why should I come out?

A: In addition to learning and enjoying all different styles of beer from our local breweries, you’re going to meet some pretty awesome people! We have all sorts of people show up from month to month (bartenders, home builders, preachers, teachers, farmers, bloggers, executives, other brewers, the list goes on!). Taste the Triangle events are a great place to drink great beer make friends. And we have name tags so you don’t feel like an inattentive butt-face when you can’t remember someone’s name.

Q: This sounds great! When is the next event?

A: Our schedule is up through September! Check it out and join us!

Q: One final question: How much does this cost?

A: The actual taste event is $10 per person. That goes directly to the brewery and pays for our brewer Q & A, your first pint, and a souvenir pint glass from the brewery. However, you know you’ll have more than one beer, plus you’ll want to make sure you’re taking care of the bartenders. So, plan on a little extra. Hey, it’s once a month; you can do it!

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