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NC Beers at the Bulls Game

Posted by on May 8, 2014


Sunset Pan

Last week, a few of us headed up to the DBAP to watch the Bulls play the Columbus Clippers. My main focus, however, was to check out what all the hubbub was about with all the off-season renovations and additions.  So, my plan was very simple: show up early, walk around as much as possible, and come back with as full a beer report as possible. This is what I found…

Due to a later start and some backed up traffic on the Durham Freeway, our 6 pm arrival was pushed back to about 6:30. No worries, however, because we were still some of the first fans through the gates. After a somewhat dreary, cloud-filled day, the skies began to clear and it was proving to be a great night to take in a game…while enjoying some NC beer, of course!

DBAP Fountain

Upon arrival, my first stop was the stadium shop, where I decided $20ish wasn’t a terrible price to pay to be a fan, so I snagged a new hat to begin my evening as a Bulls fan.


After my hat purchase, it was time to grab a beer and get down to business. I must say, the beer choices at the DBAP have vastly improved since I was last there a few years ago. Our first stop was at one of the two Foothills stands.

Foothills Taps

As seen on the bricks, there were four Foothills choices: Pilot Mountain Pale Ale, Hoppyum IPA, Carolina Blonde, and Torch Pilsner. I grabbed a Hoppyum and set out to locate our seats. Once we found our seats, my buddies sat down to get ready for the game to start and I headed out to gather some more intel.

Carolina Taps

Our seats were behind the third base dugout, and my goal was to make it to the right foul area, where I knew the new stuff was waiting for me. On the way, however, there were a few nice beer surprises, like Carolina Brewery‘s Copperline Amber Ale and Bullpen Pale Ale…

Natty's Taps


And Natty Greene‘s Buckshot Amber and Southern Pale Ale.

Next, after climbing some stairs and heading outside to the concourse, I made it to the 42 Bar, where there were even more craft options available, including Carolina Pale Ale, Triangle IPA, and Aviator‘s Devil’s Tramping Ground and HogWild IPA.

RF Bar Taps

I decided to grab a Hogwild and hang out for a bit to enjoy the view.

Aviator View

It wasn’t too long before I decided it was time to grab some food. Fortunately for me, I was in the right spot! Behind the 42 Bar were two great food choices: Triangle Fish Camp and Ed Mitchell‘s Smokebox Barbecue.

Smokebox Sign

As any self-respecting Triangle inhabitant would do, I hit up the Smokebox for a Carolina Cue hot dog, which was a foot-long hot dog, loaded with smoked pork and topped with cole slaw. Add to that, you have a choice between Eastern and Western sauces to throw on top.

Cue Dog

After getting only a small amount of slaw and sauce on my shirt, I headed back to my seat to enjoy the game and scenery.

Evening Pans

We did leave our seats one more time in the sixth inning. We needed to stretch our legs and grab one last NC brew.

420 Dales


Finally, back in my seat with a cold Dale’s Pale Ale from Oskar Blues, the evening was complete.  Unfortunately, the Bulls lost 3-0 to a pitcher who kept them off-balance the entire game, only giving up three hits. But, it was a great night for a game, and the improved selection of NC beers made it all the more enjoyable.

Box Score (unofficial, since it’s only what I personally saw):

Beer brands seen: 30

Craft lines seen: 24

NC beers seen: 13



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  1. Great review; have to get me one of those Sweetwater 420 taps. Need that rainbow!

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