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Bull City Ciderworks, y’All!

Posted by on Feb 12, 2015

Bull City Logo BrickDid you know we have a pretty fantastic cidery right here in the Triangle? Seriously! It’s awesome! And it’s right here in Durham! We just held our most recent Taste the Triangle event at Bull City Ciderworks and if you weren’t there, you missed a fantastic evening of imbibing, eating, and educating.

Ordinarily, we go to a different brewery on the second Wednesday of every month. This month, we decided to divert from the standard plan and check out Bull City Ciderworks, instead of the standard “brewery of the month”. Those who attended seemed to be glad we did! Instead of learning about boil times and hop varietals, we were educated on orchards and fermentation of pressed apple juice.

Pre-Tour CrowdMore than 50 people ascended on Bull City’s compound Wednesday evening. As they arrived, everyone paid $10, grabbed their first pint, and chatted while we waited for the tour to begin. As the last folks arrived around 6:45, announcements were made and the tour began.


Tour CrowdOur tour guide, Ryan, showed us around the place. He told us about Bull City Ciderworks’ beginnings, how no bank wanted anything to do with them. And he told us all about the cider-making process. Ryan explained to us how all the apples used in Bull City’s ciders are pressed and sent here to Durham to be fermented and turned into that delightfully dangerous nectar we all enjoyed.

While we all sipped our pints, folks listened and asked questions. We learned the differences between cider-making and beer-brewing (i.e. there’s no boil when you make cider. Unlike beer, cider is pressed, not boiled, before the yeast is pitched). We learned that Bull City is poised to be one of the first tenants at the Rocky Mount Brew Mill, but they still plan to be a mainstay in Durham.

Am Meltdown FoodIn addition to the awesome ciders, our friends from American Meltdown added some awesome food to the party! They were serving up several mouth-watering sandwiches and their Brussels Sprouts. Good lord, their Brussels Sprouts! I made quick work of their Dirty South, mainly because I’m a sucker for anything with Pimento Cheese. In a word, it was “heavenly”. I don’t know how else to explain it. It was freaking amazing! If you’re ever out anywhere and you see the orange truck that smells like you hope Heaven will, do yourself a favor and order something from there! You’ll not be disappointed!Am Meltdown Menu

Cardinal CinAnyway, back to the ciders…I enjoyed the Cardinal Cin (Cider with cinnamon, which was absolutely delicious!) and a Steep South (Cider with black tea, which is my go-t0). Both of them were fantastic and I’d recommend them to anyone. I lost count of the number of people who came up to me throughout the evening and told me that they didn’t think they really liked ciders but they do now! Gone are the days of folks relegating themselves to Woodchuck and other national cider brands. Local craft has entered the cider world and we’re all better because of it! So, if you’re out for an evening in #Durm, head out to Bull City Ciderworks, and order something you might not ordinarily ask for. You’ll be glad you did!

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