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What is Beericana?

Posted by on Jul 13, 2014

Beericana_logoIf you’re anything like I am, you hear the words “beer festival” and your ears perk up. Those words can conjure a variety of thoughts, depending on past experiences you’ve had. Like most festival-goers, I’d imagine, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and everything in between. From waiting too long in lines, to clueless volunteers pouring beer, to not having enough water on site, the bad usually ends up being what I most remember. These disappointing incidents are what made us decide to start planning a new kind of craft beer festival: instead of overselling and trying to squeeze as many people as possible through the gates, we want to make this the absolutely best overall festival experience possible for not only the attendees, but for the brewers and brewery workers as well.

No More Long Lines!

No More Long LInes

There are certain things in life we all have to wait for: turning 16 for a driver’s license and turning 21 to legally buy beer are two things that come to mind. Those are natural landmarks we all have to wait for. One thing I have little patience for is waiting in long lines for beer. What I have even less patience for is waiting in a long line to pee!  Since waiting is one of the things I most despise, we are focused on doing our best to mitigate lines for both. The easiest way we can do this is by not over-selling the festival (116 acres of property doesn’t hurt, either) and by providing enough bathrooms and organizing them in a way that there are plenty available to everyone and people won’t be waiting in lines 30 people deep.

VIP Bathrooms!

VIP BathroomsOne of the benefits of purchasing a VIP ticket for Beericana is that there will be VIP bathrooms, with hand-washing stations. Trust me, it makes a difference! They might not be made out of solid gold, but they will be separate and a little more roomy.

 Educate the People!

Grinds my gears

Another thing that really grinds my gears is when you finally make it through to the front of the beer line and the person pouring beer can’t tell you anything about it. How do I make a decision on what I want to try if all you can tell me is that “the one on the left’ll getcha drunk faster”? True craft beer festivals are put on for breweries to share their product and their love of their profession, as well as to provide a fun and educational experience for the consumer (if it’s a drunk fest you’re looking for, please stay home and grab a case of the cheapest “ice” beer you can get your hands on and save everyone else the trouble of dealing with you). Therefore, the people pouring the beer at Beericana will be the people who work for, or with, each brewery. So, if you want to know about the beers being offered by a certain brewery, the person behind the taps will be able to tell you all you need to know.

Hydration is Key!

funny-monkey-drinking-waterFact: beer will dehydrate you. When you’re tasting beers in the sun over the course of an afternoon, you need to make sure you’re drinking enough water! We promise to have enough water on hand to keep everyone hydrated. So, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. After all, we already promised to have enough bathrooms for everyone!

 A Little Something Extra…

There’s a reason we’re calling Beericana a “Craft Beer AND Music Festival.” We have a four band line-up of The Honeycutters (Asheville), Lynda and Pattie (Raleigh), Skinny Bag of Sugar (Carrboro), and Dark Water Rising (Robeson County) who will be playing throughout the day on the stage. We feel like this lineup will perfectly compliment the open-field, craft beer experience.

In addition to the great music, Beericana will have at least 10 of everyone’s favorite local food trucks! We’re not releasing names of breweries or food trucks until agreements have been signed and returned. However, preliminary communication with breweries and food trucks has gone very well and look for a pretty ridiculous lineup of both!

Times and Info:

VIP admission will begin at Noon. VIP tickets will be $75 and will include a 90 minute VIP “hour” before general admission begins. Even more importantly, VIPs will have their own bathrooms (mentioned about) and each will get a goodie bag of beer swag.

General Admission will begin at 1:30 pm. Tickets are $45 and will get you 2 oz pours of any and every brew you want to taste at the festival.

Tickets will be on sale in a few weeks and will be available online at, where we will continue to update information as it becomes available. In the meantime, make sure you follow @beericana on Twitter for festival announcements and updates.

We look forward to putting on a top-notch festival experience for everyone. We’re only 11 weeks away, so make sure you mark your calendars and make plans to be in Holly Springs on 9/27!




  1. Are you guys going to have commercial booths available? Any other business opportunities? I live in Holly Springs and I would like to let folks know about my homebrew shop in Apex, Homecrafted.

    Adam Reinhard
    849 Perry Road
    Apex, NC 27502

  2. Any chance you have considered selling a cheaper ticket for folks that are just interested in the food trucks and music but don’t drink? Basically a DD ticket.

    • Yes, we will have Designated Driver tickets available for $15. You’ll still have access to all the music, water, and any of the food trucks you’d like to purchase from.

  3. Experience, experience, experience! It really sounds like you guys have been able to create a festival experience like no other. It really doesn’t get any more uncomfortable than finding yourself waiting in a 30 min+ line for the bathroom. Also really appreciated the tip on hydration! Water may not be the first thing on people’s mind when they go to a beer festival (at least if it’s their first time), and becoming dehydrated can turn what was a great experience into a sour one. Not sure if I’m going to be able to do Beericana this year, but this is definitely an event I’m putting on my list!

    • Thanks for the remarks! We hope you can make it out to Beericana!

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